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Spring 2007, San Jose

The "Spring" 2007 WCRC tournament at San Jose State completed our regular season, and made for quite a twist to our 2006-2007 season.

The strong Sacramento Men’s team finally pulled off a victory this year, winning this tournament with 860 points! Stanford and Berkeley fought for a closely contested second place, finishing with 760 and 705 points respectively.

Players new to the WCRC this year are making a big impact ...

Alejandro Ron (Sacramento) - new to the WCRC this year - finish second at Davis and won Div I this tourney!

Josh Martinez (Sacramento) - new to the WCRC this year - went from the middle of the pack at Davis to winning Div II ! Alejandro Ortega (Stanford) and Jake Abernathy (Berkeley) - both new to the WCRC this year - finished second and third in Div II, respectively.

Mike Lordon (Davis) - new to the WCRC this year - won Div III ! No rest, get your game on - your Div II next year. Nick Hurt (UCSC) and Alfredo Lopez (UCSC) - new to the WCRC this year and playing in their first tourney ever(!) - finished second and third in Div III, respectively.

Betsy Bamburger (Berkeley) - a WCRC veteran - won the Women's Round Robin! Tami McLaughlin (UCSC) and Christine O'Neil (Stanford) - both new to the WCRC this year - won second place and third place, respectively.

Thank you Jon Verona, John Miano, and Ernesto Sanchez for making the trip from CSU Fullerton all the way to San Jose to play in the WCRC!

Now, in a strange twist, even though Berkeley didn't finish in first place in any single tournament, they finished strongly enough at every tournament to win the entire season! The points total for the season are:
    2487 - UC Berkeley
    2461 - UC Davis
    2174 - CSU Sacramento
    1809 - Stanford
      910 - UC Santa Cruz
      422 - San Jose State
      280 - Butte College
      170 - Solano State
      156 - San Diego State
      132 - Goldenwest
        51- CSU Fullerton

THANK YOU Matt Hills (Stanford) for putting together the draws and helping to run the tournament. And, THANK YOU Carlos Penagos (San Jose) for the Herculean effort in rebuilding the San Jose State Team, and successfully working through many details to get this tournament hosted at San Jose State.

WE'RE LOOKING FOR MORE PICTURES - PLEASE SEND PICTURES AND VIDEO TO jbardos@ucsc.edu and hills(at)tina.stanford.edu.

A quick summary of the results for the Spring 2007 WCRC tournament:
      860 - CSU Sacramento
      760 - Stanford
      705 - UC Berkeley
      598 - UC Santa Cruz
      456 - UC Davis
      117 - San Jose State
        51 - CSU Fullerton

Full Tournament Results


Get signed up for Nationals !!!

-- John Bardos, Mar. 3, 2007



Very Special Guests

Gene Pare and Chad Cherry were our very special guests this tournament!

Gene Pare
Gene was gracious enough to come our WCRC tournament and provide tips and techniques to the players. He ran clinics all afternoon that included most of the players at the tourney, and provided a very valuable and unique experience!

Gene has been playing and teaching

racquetball for many years and is a seasoned veteran of the game. His achievements are too numerous to list here, but a few highlights include:
  • Seven-time U.S. National Gold Medallist,
  • Four-time U.S. National Masters Gold Medallist,
  • Two time International Masters Gold Medallist
  • Certified AmPRO Professional instructor since 1989

Gene teaches and runs clinics in the San Jose & San Francisco bay areas; read more about Gene at


Chad Cherry
Chad put his body on the line and powered through challenging matches with the top WCRC players, and any other willing participants. He held stadium court playing top level racquetball, and gave valuable tips along the way.

Chad has been a top racquetball player for the past 15+ years, and his highlights include:

  • Ranked #1 racquetball player in Oregon for two years in a row
  • Ranked 3rd in the U.S. for Men's 25+ doubles 1993
  • Ranked 24th in the world in 1995

Folks checking out the WCRC action ...

Part of the Sac crew with the tourney winning trophy ...

Put it to good use!

Thank you ProKennex for bringing us Gene Pare and making this WCRC tournament extra special!

Thank you E-Force for bringing us Chad Cherry and making this WCRC tournament extra special!

Thank you Ektelon for bringing people, equipment and expertise to this tournament!
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