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Spring 2012, UC Santa Cruz


UC Santa Cruz finally benefited from home court advantage to win their first tournmaent at home!  UCSC's success is due in good part to a strong turnout from their Women's team. The UCSC Men mostly dominated Men's I, winning 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and 6th places.

John Sanderson (Stanford) has dominated Men's I winning this tourney, and the previous tourney at UC Davis (and, most every WCRC he's played)!  I think we're getting closer, though, to catching up to him.

Christian Schwantes (Stanf) won Men's II, and Noah Johnson (Cal) won Men's III ... They will each be starting next season up one division next season - be ready!


Jessica Nevins (Cal) continues to finish at the top of Women's I. Marzia Miletto (Cal) is racing upwards after winning Women's II, as did Lindsey Raven (UCD) after winning Women's II at the previous tourney at UC Davis.

Stanford, San Jose State, and Sacramento State all had stronger showings this year. Stanford and Sac are enjoying new racquetball courts at their schools. ... When was the last time you heard the phrase "new racquetball courts"?!

Sac and San Jose teams are growing bigger, starting last season and finishing this season with 7 and 8 men on their teams, respectively - among the largest Men's teams!

UC Berkeley is the big winner this season, winning the Fall and Winter tourneys, and winning the 2011-2012 Season.





Tourney Team Scores

1111 - UC Santa Cruz
898 - UC Berkeley
525 - UC Davis
524 - Stanford
401 - Sac State
218 - Santa Rosa (SRJC) 
179 - San Jose (SJSU)
62 - Berkeley Ext



WCRC 2011-2012 Regional Scores

3659.0 - UC Berkeley
2754.5 - UC Santa Cruz
2181.5 - UC Davis
1194.0 - Sac State
878.0 - Stanford
685.0 - Foothill College  
455.0 - San Jose (SJSU)
388.0 - Santa Rosa (SRJC)
116.0 - University of the Pacific
80.0 - Peralta Colleges
62.0 - UC Berkeley Extension



Marzia Miletto (Cal) - WII 1st


Jessica Nevins (Cal) - WI 1st


Alexis Fedele (SRJC) - WI 2nd


Sandeep Maan (UC Davis) - WII 2nd


John Sanderson MI 1st & Christian Schwantes MII 1st (Stanford)



Ryan Hebler (UCSC) MI 2nd



Noah Johnson (Cal) MIII 1st


Zach Kavert MIII 2nd & Jerry Bennett MII 2nd (Sac)


Tourney winning UC Santa Cruz Team



A big THANK YOU to Del Villanueva & Scott Cockrell for helping to run the tourney!

-- John Bardos, Apr. 14, 2012

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