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Fall 2006, Berkeley


The Fall 2006 WCRC tournament at Berkeley was a big success as over 50 players from 8 schools competed in our first tournament of the 2006-2007 season. We had players from 2 new schools compete in the top division: Tom Durham from Butte College (near Chico) won 1st place, and Brian Pineda from Goldenwest College (Huntington Beach) won 4th place!

We had our largest women's draw yet, with a new player from UC Davis - Ji Youn Lee - who won 1st place! Women continue to make a big impact at the WCRC tournaments: The UC Davis women's team scored 662 of UC Davis’ 965 total points, clearly making the difference as the UC Davis team won the overall competition.

A very big Thank You to Matthew Hills for doing an amazing job of scheduling and managing the draws. We fit a relatively large tournament into a one day shoot out! Allan Santos and Del Villanueva (UC Berkeley team captain and coach, respectively) did an amazing job working with the UC Berkeley staff to overcome many obstacles and to provide us with a great location for the tournament.

And, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who attended this tournament making it a big success - we have grown by almost 20% over last year's tournament at Berkeley!

WE'RE LOOKING FOR MORE PICTURES - PLEASE SEND PICTURES TO jbardos@ucsc.edu and hills(at)tina.stanford.edu.

-- John Bardos, Oct. 28, 2006

A quick summary of the results for the Fall 2006 WCRC tournament:
      965 - UC Davis
      928 - UC Berkeley
      611 - Stanford
      488 - CSU Sacramento
      280 - Butte College
      202 - San Jose State University
      140 - UC Santa Cruz
      132 - Goldenwest College

Full Tournament Results

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